About Our Company

At Courier Boys we strive to provide Point- to- Point courier services you can count on.

Operating from multiple control centres, we boast an all modern fleet of radio controlled vans and tray trucks. Our uniformed drivers deliver statewide.

When you want efficient, professional service, you can confidently depend on Courier Boys!

Courier Boys staff and drivers in all states have a wealth of experience in the courier industry, and share a commitment to service excellence that has brought outstanding success to the group. The combined fleet provides clients with a delivery system, which offers the widest range of delivery options, with the greatest possible flexibility, while at the same time being cost effective.

After Hours Courier
Our Team

Courier Boys team member share a common drive to succeed, an enthusiasm for their work and a passion for providing exceptional service to our clients and communities.

We are expert in eliminating delays to ensure our clients have an efficient, professional and pleasant experience with us.

We Courier Boys pride ourselves on being client focused and driven to meet customer demands.

Our Vehicles

We have an broad range of couriers and taxi trucks such as 1 tonne vans and trays, 2 to 14 tonne trays and tautliners, crane trucks, prime movers and various configurations of semi trailers including B-Doubles. We service metro, country and interstate areas.

Couriers in Brisbane
1 Tonne Van

Length 2.4m (8 feet)

Width 1.2m (4 feet)

Height (inside) 1.2m (4 feet)

Couriers in Canberra
2 Tonne Van

Length 3.0m (10 feet)

Width 1.8m (6 feet)

Height 1.8m

Capacity 9.7 cubic metres

Couriers in Adelaide
4 Tonne Truck

Length 4.26m (14 feet)

Width 2.2m (7 feet, 4 inches)

Height 2.1m

Capacity 19.5 cubic metres

Couriers in Perth
6 Tonne Truck

Length 5.2m (17 feet)

Width 2.3m (7 feet, 6 inches)

Height 2.3m (7 feet, 6 inches)

Capacity 27.5 cubic metres